Risk-X opens offices in South Africa and Dubai

It has long been the goal of Risk-X to expand its global footprint.  This goal was realised today.  We have opened offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg and in Dubai.  This allows Risk-X to service customers in these markets from local offices and resources that are in country.  It allows us to expand our global expertise and provide enhanced capability to all of our customers.  We have also extended all of our services including PCI and PFI directly into these regions.


Risk-X Announces Extension of PCI/PFI License (CEMEA)

PCI and PFI services have always been underserved within the African and Middle Eastern markets.  Therefore, Risk-X, the trading name for Pentest Partners Consulting LLP, has extended its PCI and PFI license.  This will allow us to meet growing client demand in the Central European the Middle East and Africa (CEMEA).  So we are now authorised to provide both PCI Audit and Advisory consulting services as well as payment forensic breach investigations (PFI) across the whole of the EMEA region.

We have hired new resources within the South African region.  This compliments the staff that we have today within the UK.  Our team is becoming truly global and allows us to better serve our customer needs.  With secure lab facilities in both the UK and South Africa, PFI cases can now be catered for in multiple regions.

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