What: The Cyber Security Summit 2016 (GovNet)

When: 17th November 2016

Where: Design Centre, London

We are very pleased to be asked to exhibit at the Cyber Security Summit 2016, the GovNet event.  We have Stuart Bird (MD Digital Forensics and IR) speaking at the event on the insider threat.  This is an interesting and very topical subject at the current time.  Why not drop by and see us on the stand or attend the presentation.

Our presentation at the event:

Insider Threat Breach – A Case Study

A breach of the confidentiality, integrity or availability of data is now referred to in terms of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’. The consequences of a breach of cardholder data can be particularly damaging. Exposing organisations to liability for both first and third party damages. Fines passed down to merchants and service providers by the brands, civil and criminal penalties imposed by regulatory authorities, in addition to brand damage and the erosion of customer trust can heavily impact affected organisations.

Cyber Incident Response Retained Services involve contracting a Cyber Incident Response team to minimise the likelihood and impact of a breach of data. This is achieved through consultant led on-boarding process involving a review and testing of current incident response planning, policies, procedures, access protocols, first responder training as well as creating a library of information about the client’s logical and physical infrastructure, underpinned by an SLA and pre-agreed commercial and call off provisions.

The Cyber Security Summit 2016 (GovNet) post event media: