What: Cybercon Africa 2017

When: 16th – 17th October 2017

Where: Turbine Hall, Johannesburg



Cybercon Africa have said the following about the event:

  • Participate in hands-on training workshops and simulated attack sessions, led by some of the industry’s top local and international experts;
  • Engage in group incident response scenarios as we unpack our national and industry response to realistic major incident scenarios;
  • Utilise the new community incident response platform to ensure that when a real incident takes place you are able to call on the community for assistance;
  • Vote and participate in community task force initiatives looking at how to tackle national challenges and receive feedback on recent task force projects;
  • Hear lessons learned from industry experts who have experience in implementing solutions across the PREVENT – DETECT – RESPOND – RECOVER phases;
  • Build key partnerships with solution providers and vendors to ensure your organisation is protected;
  • Understand upcoming trends and best practices used in the industry;
  • Learn about law enforcement requirements, regulations and other legal issues that will affect organisations and discover the steps necessary for compliance.


Steve Marshall will be speaking at the event on the insider threat.  This will include a case study, and an overview of the Risk-X process of incident management.  He will then share his insights on how not to be the next victim of a cyber attack.


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Steve Marshall

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