With our unique traditional forensics vs E-Discovery workflow model we can assist legal teams and companies to work out the quickest method to recover data of interest. Our teams are highly trained and manage the whole process for you from capture to court support with our accredited expert witnesses.

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We all know that disputes arise between people and/or organisations, this is the nature of the world that we live in. What we also know is that the parties will be seeking monetary damage or specific performance, and the outcome is based on the balance of probabilities. As such what you need is the ability to be able to tip the scales in your favour and have access to the required evidence to be able to advise your client. In essence that they are going to win or that they need to settle based on unambiguous information, backed by sound evidence.


Our digital forensic investigation team is able to uncover critical evidence to support your cases, including evidence of unlawful disposal of assets, deletion of compromising emails and documentation, or the illegal use of intellectual property. Our investigative process complies with the rules on the admissibility of evidence and our certified expert witnesses will withstand the most hostile of cross examination. You get the evidence you need quickly, cost effectively, efficiently and backed by certified experts. You get the outcome! Our services include:

  • Examination of computers and mobile devices
  • Discovery and extraction of live documents, images, movies, Internet activity, instant messages and email
  • Full or partial recovery of deleted documents, images, movies, Internet activity, instant messages and email
  • Identification of documents, images, movies, Internet activity, instant messages and email messages matching specified criteria (such as provided keywords or terms)
  • Analysis of devices for Intellectual Property (via filenames, keyword phrases or hashes of file content);
  • Fast filtering of documents to remove unneeded data
  • Identification of external devices (such as USB drives) connected to computers
  • Identification of specific user activity, such as unauthorised access to files
  • Provide a timeline of events
  • Provide independent expert witness reports and court testimony.

Our team of expert forensic consultants and analysts have the right experience and come from a law enforcement or armed services background. They understand what it takes to see this through to conclusion. You need our expertise. Call us today, as we will be the difference between winning and losing.