Risk-X provides flexible, multi-skilled and experienced staff for forensic incident response engagements worldwide. We understand that even the most prepared of organisations can experience the devastating effects of a cyber security incident.

We are one of only a limited number of approved global PCI Forensic Investigators (PFIs), our team of specialists has extensive experience in investigating a wide range of cyber-related incidents including network intrusions, intellectual property theft, malware outbreaks, employee misconduct and website attacks.

Our priority is to help determine the point of compromise, provide advice in order to help contain and isolate it and then to provide an investigation report to you and the key stakeholders within your organisation.

Responding to a cyber security incident can appear like a daunting process. Does your organisation have the processes and internal resources in place to deal with the eventuality of a data breach?

If not, then Risk-X can provide a solution which will minimise both the time taken to respond and the impact on your organisation:-

  • Retained Incident Response Service – a comprehensive Incident Response service offered on a retained contract thereby giving you on-demand access to a highly-experienced incident response specialist, at the time when you need it most
  • 24/7/365 helpline and email access to a qualified Forensic Investigator
  • On-boarding process to include upfront agreement of all terms and conditions, procurement, commercials, legal processes and methodologies before an incident occurs
  • Information gathering and methodology sharing session including a forensic incident response gap analysis summary
  • Initial telephone, email and on-site support in the event of an incident
  • Agreed rates and methodologies for future forensic incident response projects

As well as helping you to respond quickly and effectively to a cyber incident, our Retained Incident Response Service benefits your organisation by minimising corporate brand damage and data loss whilst allowing you to proactively understand (and budget for) the costs of responding to a breach or cybercrime incident.

Further services offered within our Cyber Incident Response portfolio include incident response/first responder training, incident response planning, forensic readiness and malware reverse engineering.

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